Everything you need to know about health and fitness

There’s plenty of misinformation and just blatant lying out there in the fitness industry. My aim is to cut through all the noise and provide practical, evidence-based advice and programs so you can avoid all the mistakes I made along my journey.


Read articles detailing everything you need to know about training, nutrition, recovery, motivation and much more!

Online Coaching

Online coaching allows you to remotely complete your training whilst still receiving all the benefits of training with me in-person.

My Steel Transformation Academy gives you all the tools you need to complete your transformation at your local gym or even your own home.

Personal Training

Work directly with me in-person to maximise your time in the gym and learn everything you need to continue your transformation.

Forget about just training togther, you will develop skills and learn all the in’s and out’s of exercise and nutrition. Once we stop working together, you can continue your journey with knowledge and confidence by yourself.

About me

My name’s Jake Armistead and I’m the owner of Steel Strength & Conditioning. With over 7 years in the fitness industry I have helped hundreds of clients work towards their goals.

Along my fitness journey, both privately and professionally, I have pieced together the best bits of scientific research with hard work and have seen incredible results with my own progress, as well as my clients.

This has allowed me to develop an exercise and nutrition program that guarantees results when you apply yourself.

Personally, I love training and finding new ways to challenge myself. After finishing up football I’ve gone all-in with weightlifting and fitness events.

If fitness is your idea of hell, I’m not your guy… but if you enjoy improving yourself and working to be better, we’ll get along great!

How do I get you to your goals?

Train Hard

Your training is designed to get results. It’s not magic though — you have to work hard. I ensure your hard work is not going to waste with structured programs and consistent progression.

Eat Smart

Hard work in the gym can be undone very easily with bad eating. I work with you to make sure you are fuelling your body correctly with healthy, sustainable eating habits.


I’ve got the formula for your success.

You put in the hard work.

You achieve your goals!

“Look at what I was able to achieve, as long as you have a goal and know where you want to go, it’s possible”

Alexander Ilievski, +30kg weightloss


Watch educational videos and learn everything you need to make a permanent transformation.


Cook tasty and delicious recipes that will contribute to your progress, not hinder it.

Ready to get started?

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Choose a Plan that Works for You

Get a feel for the Steel Transformation Academy on a 7-day Free Trial, sign up for a Premium Account where you can enjoy unlimited access to the Academy, or work closely with me on your completely personalised training and nutrition plan.


Free Trial

Learn about all the habits, skills, strategies, training and nutrition required to make your transformation permanent.


Get ongoing access to all the benefits of the Steel Transformation Academy PLUS your own account in my training app that is updated weekly with workouts specific to your goal.


Get the most coaching support and guidance with a personalised training program. Weekly communication about training and nutrition will help to make your goals a reality.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial to get your transformation started!

What members are saying..

I’m loving how I’m eating and craving all the veg. My mindset has had a massive shift after the challenge and I’m determined to get stronger and healthier.

Karol S

All the challenges you or I set for myself have been smashed and I am extremely proud of that!! I have had many compliments on my changing body shape & many saying I have lost heaps of weight!

Kelly F

Lost 5.1kg to date and my energy levels in my workout sessions have been so much better and workout results have shown this as well. Couldn’t be happier

Kevin C

The long term goal, my technique, stamina and capability is always looked to and properly managed. This means I have been able to reach big goals without struggle or concern.

Mila P


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